Lifelong business builder.

I've been building businesses for 15 years. I grew my last startup to millions of users and 8 figures in revenue. I'm currently working on Durable to make owning a business easier than having a job.

About me

I've been building businesses my entire life. 

I previously built a company called VisualCV. We make an online resume builder that grew to 4 million users, over 8 figures in revenue, and was named the 28th fastest growing startup in Canada in 2018. I sold it in 2020.

I'm building to make it easy for anyone to start a business.
After launching in 2022, we've grown to millions of users. 

We've raised $6.5m in seed capital in 2022, and a $14m Series A in 2023.  In my spare time, I help other founders start and grow their companies. I love to meet ambitious founders. I can help with fundraising, storytelling, growth, and strategy.

One thing I'm pretty good at is helping people with their pitch decks. Every founder I've helped with their pitch has gone on to raise a massive seed round. 

Collectively, over $60m in capital in the past few years.   Besides startups, I spend a lot of time moving. I love squash, mountain biking, and competing in off-road triathlons.

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